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Do you have a slow loading website? No problem we make it super fast in no time for the lowest price guaranteed!!!!!!.

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Do you want to make WordPress faster?

WordPress is a great platform. But sometimes there are parts that can be tricky. One of these is the speed of WordPress, out-of-the-box the speed is fine. But because of plugins, images and (user) errors, speed can quickly deteriorate.

And this while Google also believes that websites should be fast. They have even made it an important ranking factor. By making your WordPress website faster, your page rank can increase, visitors experience more ease of use, and you can even generate more sales. 

We can help you get to the magical 2-second loading time limit.

How we make your site faster

First, we look at the bottlenecks that cause the website to load slowly. This can have many causes.

After our initial research, we have a good idea of how to make your WordPress website faster.

Sometimes we advise the client to switch hosting companies if that is where the bottleneck lies

Furthermore, we will optimize the pages, resize images, caching application, filter unnecessary scripts in order to get the fastest result for your WordPress website.

Why You Should use us to speed up your Website?

Making your WordPress website faster is difficult because it depends on many factors. But the team of Web Design Chonburi will do everything to get your website loads under Google’s 2 seconds loading time limit. 

And why would you do this yourself? Web Design Chonburi do this weekly and know the “shortcuts” to boost your site.

This way, you and your visitors can quickly enjoy an optimized site that runs smoothly.

So you want to optimize your website speed?

You will not find a better option in Pattaya than Web design Chonburi, we guarantee you that our price of the speed optimization package is unbeatable, you find it nowhere cheaper guaranteed!!!!!

With our Speed ​​of Performance package, we make your site faster than light!

If you have any questions about our service or if you want appropriate advice about WordPress speed, please contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

We are your biggest fan!