LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed is an all-in-one caching plugin. With LiteSpeed Cache, WordPress websites can become up to 2x faster!

At Web Design Chonburi we specialize in fine-tuning the Litespeed plugin to achieve the best performance.

In addition to that, our servers running also on Litespeed, so your website become even faster when you use our servers.


 What is LiteSpeed Cache?

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is the number one WordPress caching solution. It is an all-in-one optimization plugin that is smart, accurate and lightning fast.

The LS Cache plugin includes a built-in page speed optimizer, image optimizer, critical CSS generation tool, CDN integration and many more.

With support for personalized WooCommerce cache and a highly configurable cache crawler, Litespeed Cache is the key to noticeably improving the user experience on your WordPress website.

In many cases, up to 2x faster than before. In addition, spikes in traffic are handled with ease with the LS Cache plugin.


Why we use Litespeed Cache


Improve the load time of your website with the help of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. With the LS Cache plugin, the speed of your website will improve significantly. Which will make visitors stay on your website longer.

Ease of use

LiteSpeed is the most user-friendly caching plugin. Enjoy a clear dashboard where you can easily select the right settings. Install and configure the Litespeed Cache plugin without too much hassle.

Guaranteed the fastest

With the best coherence in the field of software and hardware, we offer our customers the best achievable performance.

With our superfast SSD and LiteSpeed Cache, an extraordinary high performance is guaranteed.

    • Litespeed95%
    • WP Rocket85%
    • W3 Total Cash75%
    • WP Fastest Cash55%
    • No Cash20%

    Website without LiteSpeed Cache

    With a website without LiteSpeed Cache, your website will retrieve the page that is being viewed by the visitor from the actual web server and displays it to the visitor.

    Website with LiteSpeed Cache

    Before a visitor reaches the actual web server, LiteSpeed ​​checks whether the requested page is already present in the cache. This means that the page does not have to be removed from the actual server and the page can be shown directly to the visitor.

    The advantages of LiteSpeed Cache

    All-in-one optimization

    LiteSpeed Cache is the next generation cache plugin. The LSCache plugin is designed to provide WordPress websites with the most advanced tools to maximize performance.

    Easy management

    The LSCache plugin is easy to manage from the WordPress backend. And from the user-friendly dashboard, you can easily select the appropriate settings.

    The FASTest cache engine

    The power of the LS Cache plugin comes from the LiteSpeed Web Server's powerful cache engine. With ESI support, eCommerce pages and personalized content can be fully cached for logged-in users.

    Total Acceleration with CDN

    In addition to caching static content (images, Javascript, CSS, etc.), LiteSpeed can also cache dynamic content from WordPress. This is due to the LSCache and QUIC cloud integration.