Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does a website cost?
We charge for a basic professional looking website, 9990THB.
2What is included in the price of a basic website?
Website or Webshop with 4 pages

free 1 year domain

free 1 year hosting

free lifetime SSL

We learn you how to make adjustments to the website
3What if i need extra options for my site which is not included in the basic package?
Small adjustment are free of charge, when they are time-consuming or complicated we charge you very competitive prices.
4Is the price of a Webshop also 9990THB?
Yes, but instead of including 4 pages into the basic package, we give you 3 pages and 1 product page.
5What are the costs to add an extra page to my website?
It depends on how complicated the page is, and how many pages you require. We offer you the best competitive price guaranteed!
6What is not included in the price of a basic package?
custom graphic design.

adjustments of the website.

updates of the premium plugins.

maintenance of the website.

7Do you use prebuild templates, our you build custom websites?
All our basic packages make use of prebuild website templates from be-theme, who are build by professionals and look super nice and have high performance. You can choose from over 600 templates, so you are sure there are some templates matching your business.

In case you prefer a custom-made webshop, you should let us no. Because simple custom build websites can be cheaper than our basic price of 249USD, while complicated custom-made websites are more expensive.

It depends on your requirements. For custom build websites, we prefer that you show us an example.


Why customers loves us?

We have an open and transparent approach towards our clients, we tell you exactly how your websites gets build and how you can manage the site by yourself.

We deliver a professional looking website with high performance for the lowest price in the industries.

Not only that, but we offer many free options and futures, that you pay for at other web development companies.

Furthermore, we are 24/7 available through chat, tel, and email to help you.



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